Ing. Pláničková Markéta, Ph.D.



Position: Academic and scientific staff member





Markéta Pláničková has graduated from the Prague University of Economics and Business, where she received in 2008 her engineering degree in Business and Law, followed by a doctoral degree in Accounting and Financial Business Management in 2014. Since 2008, Markéta has been working at the Department of Corporate Finance and Valuation. In lecturing, she focuses on finance and business valuation. In her research, she primarily focuses on valuation of insurance companies. She has been the co-researcher on several research projects focusing on business valuation and its standardisation. Concurrently, Markéta works at the Institute of Property Valuation at VŠE, where he trains experts in the area of economics and participates in preparation of expert opinions and review expert opinions, related in particular to the issue of minority shareholders’ squeeze-outs. In the commercial sphere, Markéta engages in elaboration of studies and expert opinions in the domain of business valuation for various purposes.