doc. Ing. Krabec Tomáš, Ph.D., MBA



Position: Associate Professor





Associate Professor Krabec graduated from the Prague University of Economics and Business in 2005. He has completed there also his postgraduate studies in the field of Accounting and Financial Business Management (2008) and habilitated as Associate Professor (doc.) in Business Economy and Management (2011). Tomáš works as a forensic expert with the specialisation on valuation of businesses and securities. His expert focus is on elaborating review, arbitration and reconciliation expert opinions in the field of economy; economic expert activities; and valuation of medical practices, businesses, and projects in the domain of health careResearch activities of Associate Professor Krabec focus on the areas of asset valuation methodology, theory of business valuation, valuation standardisation, assets and international institutional comparisons, law and economics, and behavioural finance. 

Business Valuation