Ing. Brabenec Tomáš, Ph.D. LLM.



Position: Academic and scientific staff member





Tomáš Brabenec graduated from the Prague University of Economics and Business in 2006 and completed there also his postgraduate studies (2013). At the Prague University of Economics and Business, Dr. Brabenec specialises in particular on the projects and lecturing within the field of valuation and corporate finance. He lectures at the Judicial Academy and occasionally also at MBA programmes. He has published in numerous Czech and foreign scientific, professional and other journals. Outside the Prague University of Economics and Business, Tomáš is active as a partner of the BDO Group and heads the expert institute, which has gained a leading position among expert institutions in the Czech Republic and has become part of the international group of consulting firms BDO. Tomáš is a Czech forensic expert with specialisation on valuation of business enterprises and also a Slovak forensic expert in the field of finance. He speaks Czech and English. 

Business Valuation Training
Expertise in Economics
Financial Analysis and Planning